The court process is regarded by most as an inappropriate forum for resolving issues relating to children, except in the most entrenched of cases.

Questions of:

where the children are to live,
when they will have contact with both parents and extended family,
how they will continue to be brought up between two households,

can be difficult to resolve when parents are experiencing emotional turmoil at the end of their relationship.

Mediation recognises that even though a personal relationship has come to an end, where children are involved, communication must continue and a new and different form of relationship establish in which children can feel supported and loved by both parents.

Participants in mediation are encouraged to come to terms with the changes that are happening within their family, to focus their discussions on the best interests and needs of the children, and maintain good relationships into the future with their children.

Mediators have a legal obligation to report issues of child safety or money laundering revealed during mediation.

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