Taking Directly to Children in Separation and Divorce

John will usually conduct any direct consultations with your children for you.

He will:
  • Agree with you a place for your child to talk to him about how he/she feels about your separation and to talk about any fears or concerns.
  • Help your child to understand the changes taking place in his/her life and to help him/her to feel that he/she is being listened to and understood by both parents.

Direct Consultation is about both of you as parents knowing and having an unbiased view about your own child’s views and hopes so that you are in a better posiiton to make decisions together.
It is not about asking your child to decide what should happen or decide between you.
Any decisions are for you to make.
John will ask your child if he/she would like him to pass on to you both.

He will make sure that your child knows that you care about his/her feelings and wishes and that those feelings will be listened to and taken into account.