Charges and Payment Terms

initial information and Assessment meeting we will only start mediation after meeting with you each of you separately.

We charge £65 per person for Initial Information and Assessment Meetings. Provided your first mediation session takes place within 3 months of your Information and assessment meeting, will will reduce the cost of that session by the same amount, so the Information and assessment meeting will be free to you.

In the initial meeting we will explain the process and principles of mediation and answer any questions you may have.
We will talk to you about your particular circumstances and come to decision about the suitability of mediation for you.
If you have children over the age of 6 years we will talk to you about wether it would be helpful to you and your family for one of the mediators to talk to your chlld(ren)
We will tell you about the costs and give you a price for each mediation session with an estimate of the time and total cost.

Mediation fees are charged to each client separately according to their financial means. As a guide:
Mediation fees are charged per 90 minute session and include all associated work carried out by the mediation service before and after the meeting, including; the Intake Meeting, meeting room hire and, where appropriate, interim privileged Summary letters. A Summary letter sets out the points under discussion during the mediation session and any steps to be taken before the next meeting.
The basic rate charged for a mediation session is £180.00. A discount to the basic rate is available on production of proof of annual income as follows:-

Gross Annual Income Sessional fee
£40,000 and over £185.00
£30,000 to £39,999 £170.00
£25,000 to £29,999 £140.00
up to £25,000 £125med.00

We require the fee to be paid before each mediation session and we will send you an invoice for payment with the provisional appointment times.

Summary letters are included in the general fees, however, if you wish to obtain a legally binding Agreement or Consent Order you may require a Memorandum of Understanding setting out the proposals reached and, where appropriate, an Open Financial Summary documenting the financial disclosure which took place during mediation. The cost of preparation is £60 per hour in total and the fee shared equally between clients.

Direct Consultation with your child can be undertaken as part of an existing mediation or as a separate consultation, The with costs are between £180 - 200 for consultation and meetings plus £120 for written report (where required). There may also be some charges for meeting with additional children either together or separately.

Clients who believe they are eligible for Legal Aid should see an Advocate for assessment before mediation begins.

Payment options may be available to those in genuine financial need. Please discuss this with us at your Initial Information and Assessment Meeting.

Unless proof of income is received prior to commencement of mediation the basic rate will be charged.