Step by Step Guide

Although mediation is tailored to the needs of the participants, in most cases it will include the following steps:

Introductory ‘Intake Meeting’
An initial meeting to meet the mediators and to decide whether mediation is appropriate for you in your situation This meeting may also be known as a mediation assessment. Intake meetings for you and your ex-partner may be held separately or together as you prefer, and will include a one to one session of approximately 15 minutes for each of you.

Mediation Meetings
The aim is to resolve the issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship. At the meetings you will engage in constructive discussions looking at your situation from all points of view. You each have the opportunity to be heard and have your concerns taken seriously as you explore the practicalities of proposals. Meetings last approximately 90 minutes a session. Between two to four sessions may be required determined by the complexity of your case. Written summaries of the mediation meetings will be provided.

Following mediation any decisions you reach will be set out in a Memorandum of Understanding which is confidential to you and cannot be produced in Court. Financial information provided during the mediation is set out in a Financial Summary. This is a factual statement and as such an open document which can be produced in Court.

It is always open to you to come back to mediation in the future, whether for a review of your existing arrangements or to discuss new issues which may arise.

Mediators do not give legal advice but may provide unbiased legal or financial information.