Before you start mediation with us we will ask you to sign a formal agreement to mediate

One important part of this is that you agree to the meetings and what we talk about being Legally Privileged. This means that until you both agree final arrangements, your discussions in the mediation can’t be quoted or used outside of the mediation or in Court. (you are also agreeing not to call us to court to act as a witness for one side against the other!)

As another part of us being fair and impartial: In the initial assessment meeting we will ask each of you if there is any inflammation that may not be shared with each other. Sometimes, as part of moving on, and because of past difficulties people keep new telephone numbers and email addresses private. We will respect this.

Once a mediation begins we are open in our communications with you. This means, unless there are issues of safety, all messages from you to us and from us to you will be shared with both of you.