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The end of a relationship, whether by divorce or separation, is recognised as one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Decisions have to be made about children, finances or property just when it is hard to do so because people are hurt and hurting.

Mediation is a constructive and confidential way of helping families to have a reasonable conversation again, talk about concerns and to reach agreements about children and money. People find this is better than continuing to argue. Children are helped because they can see their parents, who though living apart can still work together for them. Mediation provides a safe environment to discuss difficult matters.

As mediators we are impartial and unbiased. We don’t take sides. We help negotiate ‘out of court agreements’ that you both think you can support and live with. We will help you find solutions.

The Isle of Man Family Court actively encourages the use of Mediation as a way of reaching negotiated settlement. If you make an application to Court in relation to your children the Court now requires you to state whether you have considered Mediation and if not, why not.

Mediation is non-discriminatory whether on grounds of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability or any other factor..